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Deliver fast, high quality advice with ease

Workflow software purpose-built for ministerial briefs and correspondence.

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Digitally transform ministerial advice, briefs and submissions with governance and automation.

Efficient. Transparent. High quality. Collaborative. These are the standards today’s Ministerial Liaison Offices are challenged to constantly streamline and improve, while coping with an ever-increasing number of requests for accurate and timely briefs to ministers.

This can be hard to achieve when the underpinning processes are manual, adhoc or paper-based.

Objective Ministerials is a smarter, more efficient way to manage people, process and paperwork. It's purpose-built workflow, developed off the back of our extensive experience delivering ministerial solutions to government agencies.

Smart workflow

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Smart workflow

Improve productivity, reduce turnaround times and better support business needs

Improves productivity
Orchestrate your ad-hoc processes to improve productivity by being more consistent and repeatable. Deploy adaptable processes that support business needs.

Increases accuracy

Process workflows replace paper and email to improve accuracy and turnaround times across your agency.

Enables better decision making

Status reports can be produced automatically or on demand, supporting dynamic decision making. Task status is tracked in real time.

Intuitive UX design

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Intuitive UX design

Easily find information and work more efficiently with purpose-built tools

Access anytime, anywhere
Staff can access, review and approve documents anytime, anywhere on any device.

Actionable emails support users to get work done
Use our actionable email templates to deliver tasks in a content-rich HTML email. Users receive an email that contains all the relevant information they require to action a task.

Intuitive task forms trigger process initiation and progress
Comprehensive task forms trigger users to initiate or participate in processes. Pre-configured task forms contain instructions, checklists, information and actions, guiding users at each step. Relevant documents are opened from links in the task form, pulled directly from your information repository.

Greater governance

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Greater governance

Have confidence that built-in governance is protecting your agency unauthorised disclosure and in readiness for audits

Reduce information security risks
Access to business process workflows, tasks and related documents is controlled, monitored, tracked and audited, ensuring only those with correct authorisation have access to sensitive content.

Enable better decision making
Maintain a complete record of the business process, synchronised with your information repository. Document versions are tracked, every action in the process is audited and traceable.

Repository agnostic
Tight integration with your repository ensures a single source of truth. Information governance rules for security, audit, version control and retention are applied and maintained with no exceptions.

Dynamic case management

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Dynamic case management

Be more agile as an agency by enabling effortless movement between business processes

Flexibility and transparency
Provide flexibility and ensure the best possible outcome by enabling users to effectively move between multiple workflows whilst ensuring transparency of path.

Adaptive processes
Empower stakeholders to influence and make decisions to alter the path of workflows where necessary to ensure the most appropriate outcomes.

Exception management
Provide options for those cases where exceptions are necessary to keep a process on track whilst being confident that everything is monitored, security controlled and audited.

Objective Ministerials

Features to help the ministerial liaison office plan for and deliver accurate, informative briefs.

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Intuitive workflow

Digitally transform ministerial processes with powerful and comprehensive automation

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Dynamic case management

Increase flexibility by enabling effortless movement between business processes

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Control, monitor, track and audit through an intuitive dashboard

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Actionable emails

Business users receive an email containing all relevant information they require to action a task

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Intuitive task forms

Comprehensive forms support users with instructions, actions, relevant documents, links to content directly from your information repository

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Exception management

Options for cases where exceptions are necessary to keep a process on track while everything is monitored, security controlled and audited


Learn more about streamlining your Ministerial processes

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A joint production by The Mandarin and Objective.

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You’re not embarking on this journey alone.

We’ve helped many organisations change and improve the way they manage ministerials. We’re here to support you on this digital transformation.

On average we’ve reduced turnaround times in some approval processes from 10 days to 2.

David Schneider

CIO, NSW Dept. Premier & Cabinet

OBJ Industry Solutions Ministerials White

Deliver fast, high quality advice with ease

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