Learnings from Collaborate 2021

Valuable outcomes, outstanding software, and ongoing customer success

And that’s a wrap for another year. We are happy to say that Collaborate 2021 was a success!

This year’s event had the benefit of reaching a wider audience in its digital format and we enjoyed sharing new information, delivering insights into what we are developing and working on and highlighting customer success stories to hundreds of government agencies across the two days.

Ultimately, we shared how we are striving to meet our mission: Outstanding digital government software driving stronger communities and nations. Throughout Collaborate, we looked at Objective’s Content and Processes solutions in 2021 and beyond to identify where we’re making a difference in order to achieve this. We also shared our ongoing and relentless focus to delight customers and deliver valuable outcomes.

Driving innovation

As we have recently seen an explosion in the number of services provided digitally, Objective has been focusing on what is driving innovation to help customers achieve digital process transformation, regulation, and governance. There are five drivers behind Objective’s digital innovation:

  1. Outstanding UX
  2. Outstanding integration
  3. Applied machine learning
  4. Microsoft relationship
  5. Customer success

Throughout the sessions, we looked at ECM 11, IQ2, the machine learning toolkit, secure external collaboration with Objective Connect and revealed new products from across Objective’s three pillars of Content and Processes, Planning and Building and Regulatory solutions:

  • Objective Integration, and Nexus – secure information management in the cloud!
  • Objective Build, a new complete building and planning platform offered in New Zealand
  • Objective Reach and Objective RegWorks, which got a special mention in CEO Tony Walls’ keynote speech.

We also heard from customers such as Infrastructure NSW about their journey to ECM; the Department of Treasury and Finance (SA) and how they addressed complex business processes with Objective ECM workflow capability; Far North Council’s approach to adopting IQ; Scottish Government’s implementation of ECM IQ over a wide geography and huge user base; and South Lanarkshire’s ECM workflow capability delivered accurate, up-to-date, mobile information that has delivered a more responsive care-at-home service.

Delivering outcomes and customer success

Objective solutions have delivered national and community-valued outcomes. We heard success stories about where we are actually delivering these outcomes for customers such as Glasgow City Council, Queensland Police, City of Greater Dandenong, NSW Department of Communities and Justice, and NatureScot.

Most importantly, Objective focused on customer success and by how listening to our customer’s valuable feedback, we create products that people will love to use. This is why we’ve created a whole team and programme of work around customer success. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to work closer together with our customers to deliver the best outcomes.

Finally, industry perspectives were explored during the online event, with Records and Information Management Association Australasia (RIMPA) and Information and Records Management Society (IRMS) discussing the changing role in records. The discussion focused on how records are not just about compliance but how records tangibly affect the lives and livelihoods of human beings.

If you were unable to attend Collaborate or would like to relive the experience, you can! Visit the APAC or UK recap website.

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