Extending EDRMS protection to external file sharing is your first line of defence.

Powerful public sector insights into balancing security and collaboration.

The Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) manages NSW state government authorities to execute Government commitments. Doing so involves hundreds of employees, scores of different bodies, and millions of interactions with sensitive information.

The NSW Privacy Commissioner reports over 95% of NSW citizens agree government agencies protecting their personal information is important. For the NSW DPC, the answer was using Objective Connect to extend their Objective ECM Electronic Document and Record Management System (EDRMS) to protect users collaborating outside their four walls.

We’re using it to collaborate with external agencies. Although these agencies aren’t using our EDRMS we can actually share information securely and we’ve got a full audit trail and traceability so that actually gives us governance and trust.

Richard Jackson

EDRMS Training and Information Analyst, NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet

To learn more about how Objective Connect secures external file-sharing, maintains one version of the truth and retains audit-ready records of who did what and when, talk to our team today with connect@objective.com.