Safeguard against regulatory crackdown and perceived greenwashing

It is crucial for US Organisations to stay on top of providing voluntary and mandated disclosure of Environmental and Social concerns such as sustainability related products and Net Zero Emissions Programs. This is a continuously evolving space, and there have been significant developments in disclosure standards the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures developing a framework for organisations to assess and disclose their climate-related financial risks and opportunities.

Climate change will drive some of the most profound changes to businesses. Companies are facing increasing pressure from investors to disclose more meaningful information related to climate change risks. International regulators are already responding to climate-related disclosures.

Paul Dobson

Partner, Climate & Sustainability Deloitte

Objective Keystone is a proven solution used by over 30 leading Australian and New Zealand Financial Services Organisations as their disclosure documentation tool. It is an ideal solution for organisations that need to manage stakeholder and disclosure documents for accuracy and verification, especially in the context of climate risk disclosure. By using Objective Keystone, organisations can efficiently and transparently manage content reviews, approvals, and verifications, while mitigating risk by easily producing clear evidence of who authored and approved content.

Find out how you can digitally transform your ESG disclosure management process. Provide governance across 4 stages:

  • Author – eliminate stakeholder fatigue and duplication with reusable content
  • Approve – systemise the collection of approvals for each element of your ESG disclosure
  • Publish – manage last-minute changes and have newly published outputs with just one click
  • Manage – produce a complete verification certificate showing every edit and approval

Learn and empower your business with industry best practices and 15 years of Research and Development packed into one powerful system.