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Coordinating community food parcels during a pandemic

How Objective Connect enabled Welsh Government to securely manage and share data to help the vulnerable

During COVID-19, vulnerable communities were left exposed and in need. Welsh Government – along with the 22 local authorities across Wales – were responsible for ensuring shielding citizens received the same level of service and care. This included the coordination of essential food supplies for those in isolation.

Tasked with the coordination of a network of local authorities, suppliers and distributers to deliver food packages, Welsh Government was responsible for the data and the transfer of sensitive and personal information. Objective Connect and Objective ECM enabled the team to consolidate information from the local authorities and send it securely to the suppliers.

Objective Connect allowed us to set something up very quickly. Crucially for this very sensitive information, it was a secure method.

Steven Marshall

Chief Social Research Officer and Head of Information Management, Welsh Government