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More time to focus on the information that really matters

220 hours a week saved, allowing focus to be directed into the quality of Ministerial responses.

The South Australian Attorney- General’s Department (AGD) dramatically improved the quality of their Ministerial papers, with a solution that unlocked more than 220 hours a week.

This was the time it previously took managing the ministerial process and reworks. Now, completely digitised, the department is delivering faster, better- quality advice to Ministers with ease.

By being able to track and maintain visibility of their processes, the AGD has streamlined how they work; significantly reducing processing times and costs.

Ministerial Liaison Units have redirected their time and effort into the quality of Ministerial responses.

This has been a great first step in the transition to digital, giving staff the confidence to move away from paper-based processes.

Karen Cassiani

Manager Information Management Services