Lessons from the Planning Policy field

A session with Dover District Council and The Highland Council

As the second in our Objective Keystone thought-leadership webinar series, we were delighted to share the online stage with Rebecca Burden, Principal Planner at Dover District Council and Peter Alexander, Senior Planning Technician at The Highland Council.

Rebecca and Peter shared their stories of plan creation and consultation, offering insights, tips and findings from recent experiences, alongside the Objective Keystone team.

With a new Dover District Local Plan in progress, Rebecca:

  • Walked through the process of the Plan creation, covering the challenges faced and lessons learned;
  • Discussed the ethos behind the public consultation, including what went into creating a new brand and launching a bold vision for 2040; and
  • Covered the tools used to support consultation and collaboration, including Objective Keystone.

Peter covered the journey and progress of the Development Planning team at The Highland Council, talking through:

  • Life before and after Objective Keystone – how the Council has got to where it is now and the efficiencies being achieved;
  • Integrating GIS and online mapping with Objective Keystone and public consultation; and
  • The Council’s plans for 2021 and beyond, including a regional spatial strategy.

The Objective team discussed the power of Objective Keystone as a full suite of authoring, publishing and stakeholder engagement tools, supporting the automation and management of the entire document production lifecycle for regulated industries. Discover how to author, approve, publish, manage and consult across your organisation when it comes to your documentation.


Rebecca Burden

Principal Planner, Dover District Council

Peter Alexander

Senior Planning Technician, The Highland Council