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Effortless information management and powerful process automation

A logical, intuitive UX. Informative dashboards. Powerful business process capabilities. Focus on outcomes as well as information management.

Take control of your most valuable asset: information

Information is your most important asset. Not only does it need to be protected you need to harness its content to work smarter.

Objective ECM (Enterprise Content Management) brings together some of Objective's key Content Services products to store, govern and manage your information, with relevant context, to take meaningful actions. Powerful business processes empower users, meanwhile, your information is protected with military-approved levels of security.

Intelligent information management

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Intelligent information management

Designed for the user, make documents into actionable information with contextual metadata.

Records Management

Remove the burden of record keeping from your users. Adopt an enterprise-wide approach, covering the full range of record management capabilities for physical records, digital records and “records-in-place” for content residing in existing data stores. Deliver valuable control over your information while ensuring security and information confidentiality.

Document Management

Remove the effort and complexity associated with capturing, storing, organising and locating content. Manage the lifecycle of your content, search, share, sentence, dispose.

User Experience

Remove complexity, provide continuity and enhance business process management by making file classification management intuitive and easy to navigate. Objective ECM provides a modern, natural search experience allowing end users to easily find and act on information, across content sources and wherever the content is stored.

Content driven processes

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Content driven processes

Automate business processes to provide a seamless flow through your organisation and beyond.

Automate low value tasks

Remove the overheads of performing low value, labour intensive business processes and provide governance across the organisation to improve overall operational efficiency to enable more focus on strategic growth initiatives.


Leverage frictionless integration with Line of Business applications and information repositories in order to reduce duplication, remove manual entry and improve efficiency.

Business application interoperability

Provide users with a complete information picture by bringing content into their line of business applications to enable your staff to more effectively manage their content driven tasks.

Information repository

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Information repository

Protect your organisation’s valuable information assets with defence-grade security.

Secure and Compliant

Safeguard your organisation and its information by ensuring the capture of all required metadata, versions and audit/history, to provide evidential proof of compliance with industry standards and regulations.


Can you trust your information? Who created, edited or accessed information; when and from where? Embed provenance into your information management strategy.

Secure access with ultimate flexibility

Allow staff to work unencumbered throughout your office, and externally with access to the content they need in a secure, compliant and highly governed way.

Intelligent information management

Objective ECM delivers all of the features you need to intelligently manage your information.

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Rich context

Provide rich context around your information, such as: author, type, date create, audit history, versions.

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Single source of truth

Reduce data silos and duplication while enhancing the integrity, accessibility and overall user experience of your information assets.

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Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 integration enables multiple users to work together while the single source of truth is maintained.

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From your overall file plan to retention policies, manage your content wherever it resides - through a single, consistent interface.

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Embedded governance

While users work with information, governance is applied in the background.

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Reporting insights

Empower stakeholders with comprehensive reporting dashboards.

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Objective provides us with usable information searches, Defence-strength security and audit trails, solid workflow capability, scalability and richness in overall functionality.

Mr David Blanch

Director Records Management Policy, Australian Defence Organisation

Trusted by hundreds of thousands of users, worldwide

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Objective improves the reliability of our business processes while simultaneously helping to reduce risk within the industry.

John Townsend,

Chief Information Officer, NOPSEMA

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Logo objective ecm H white

Effortless information management and powerful process automation

A logical, intuitive UX. Informative dashboards. Powerful business process capabilities. Focus on outcomes instead of information management.

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