Objective helps to fast-track digital transformation with an end-to-end registration management solution

Objective expands its partnership with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) in Western Australia to provide a flexible, specialist SaaS solution for managing livestock owner and beekeeper registrations.

By selecting Objective RegWorks, DPIRD will create capability to adapt to new legislation, respond to client needs, and evolve as a best practice regulator.

DPIRD’s purpose is to develop and protect Western Australia’s agriculture and food sector and aquatic resources and build vibrant regions with strong economies. Following Machinery of Government changes and a recent capability review, the Department has identified some priority regulatory systems for remediation or replacement.

Building a sustainable and future-oriented solution

The Department identified the need for an easy-to-use solution that would replace manual processing to improve efficiency, accuracy and drive high levels of customer satisfaction. By implementing Objective RegWorks for their livestock owner and beekeeper registration process, DPIRD seeks to fast-track their digital transformation with the ability to:

  • Rapidly improve efficiency: Deliver efficiency, flexibility, and transparency across regulatory operations, with best practice modules and workflows aiding rapid implementation.
  • Make intelligence-led decisions: Empower staff to respond to customers quickly and accurately, guided by intelligence led data.
  • Provide a seamless customer experience: Improve industry engagement by offering digital self-service via an online portal that forms part of a robust, end-to-end solution including two-way communication between the Department and industry.
  • Accurately track progress against KPIs: Assess regulatory activity with ability to analyse risk, improve outcomes, and report impacts.

With a solution that can be readily extended and adapted over time, DPIRD will be able to quickly adopt new legislation, evolve, and respond to the changing needs of the citizens of Western Australia.

Enabling exceptional customer service

Objective and DPIRD have already been collaborating with the rollout of Objective ECM, which will unify records management systems for the department. Implementing Objective RegWorks leverages this partnership and will empower DPIRD to deliver efficient, reliable ICT services that support exceptional public services. This approach will also help the Department align with the Digital WA State ICT Strategy to simplify, connect, and inform.

“After a market scan and competitive procurement process, the Department selected Objective RegWorks as a specialist regulatory platform that caters exactly to our needs.” said Peter Gray. “The team have been open and honest to work with so far and we’re looking forward to providing an improved service to the industry”.

With the project now underway, DPIRD is looking to go live with their new livestock registration system in mid 2022.

“We are extremely pleased to extend our partnership with DPIRD, by assisting the Department to transform their approach to managing livestock registration,” said Ben Hobby Global VP, RegTech. “Objective RegWorks provides high flexibility to adapt and evolve as requirements or demands change, which aligns well with the Department’s broader goals to provide effective and efficient public services. We look forward to realising together, their vision for a vibrant region and strong economy.”

About Objective RegWorks

Objective RegWorks is an end-to-end SaaS solution designed specifically for regulators and regulated industries. Highly configurable and easily integrated with other core systems, it allows teams to make informed consistent decisions, increase productivity, and improve community outcomes.